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Harps Across Canada

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

I got the opportunity to travel to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia this past June. I’ve been to Canada before but have not had the opportunity to go to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick before. Both places are breathtakingly beautiful! If you’re a nature lover I highly recommend the trip.

This particular photo was taken in Saint John. I saw these sculptures featured in different parts of the Downtown area and thought they were interesting. After finding a plaque near the piece in the picture above I found out some interesting history about these sculptures.

They were made by a man named John Hooper. The artists intent with these different sculptures was to have people interact with them. He left spaces open where a person could sit or stand in the art piece itself. The sculpture in the photo above is called “People Waiting”. If you are interested in seeing another photo of his art visit my instagram kristinrebeccamusic to see the piece titled “People Apart Moving Together”. John’s work is featured in several provinces in Canada including: Ontario, Vancouver & New Brunswick.

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