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The Frederick News Post included photos of Kristin's performance at Frosty Friday


Kristin got mentioned on the Delaware Online website about her upcoming performance


"A full-time touring artist, Kristin Rebecca has learned from experience, including both triumphs and challenges, how to navigate the ever-changing music industry as an independent musician."

Storytelling Through Song


"Musician travels the country to spread message of love"

Read Article Here:

"Siren’s Call is a nicely written song that is perfect for those wishing to listen to more music of this nature; her voice is appropriate for the style of music, yet unique enough so as to modernise and invite others to listen."

"Singer and harpist KRISTIN REBECCA releases a single, ‘Siren’s Call’

"Sirens Call commences with a mysterious and pretty phrase that sounds like fluid musical drops falling into a deep sea.  Soon these delicate musical notes, played in an upper register, double rhythmically then double again, until the harp is moving rapidly.  Kristin’s playing is captivating "

10 Questions is a fun way to get know some of the best indie artists and bands in today's music scene through 10 intriguing questions.

 "Kristin’s process for “getting her name out there” is a template that others can follow, albeit in music or other discipline."


The latest Rye Room Session features Maryland-based singer songwriter Kristin Rebecca performing “Reach for the Sky.”

American folk singer Rebecca to perform at Logan Street

The singer-songwriter based in Maryland has it all put together in a package that truly connects with the listener. 

Her new album, Tales, Trials, Truths is available now. 

" It’s as if Kristin Rebecca is a bard, and each song is a sonnet for the modern age. Individually and collectively, her music tells many stories that reach towards the audience."

"her vocals on every song has true evidence of who Kristin Rebecca is as a singer and songwriter"

"By far the true soul of the track comes from Kristin Rebecca’s beautiful vocals that are sung with the utmost of passion."

The Tales, Trials, Truths of Kristin Rebecca


Indie Artist Magazine cover showing Kristin sitting holding her guitar. Her harp sits behind her

Please welcome to the Phile... Kristin Rebecca

"her harmonious tones enchant once again as we kick off the new year. "

"Kristin Rebecca Is a Modern-Day Folk Artist on a Mission 
Let's fall in love, shall we?."

"Considering Kristin composes, arranges and writes herself, her talent is undeniably refreshing."

"Bringing together vocals, harps, guitar, and her enchanting melodic songwriting, her soothing tones bring quite a musical journey to the world."

"Her heavenly voice combines with the dreamy instrumentation to create a sound and single you will not soon forget."

INTERVIEW: Kristin Rebecca

"Kristin Rebecca is sending out a fun sounding song."

"Kristin Rebecca kicks off the year in a major way with her latest single to hit the streets, "Wackos and Weirdos." Making a name for herself among a variety of audiences, her essence comes to life in the track and we sure are filled with intrigue!"

Write up: Kristin Rebecca

Write up: Kristin Rebecca

Write up: Kristin Rebecca


"The female talent keeps coming this holiday season with multi-instrumentalist Kristin Rebecca!" Click the link above to read my interview with Independent Artist Buzz.

"...the musical Goddess impresses with her delightful and vibrant sound. Blending elements of Americana and Folk Pop, her music bends genres while gracefully creating a unique and eclectic sound all of her own."


"‘Tales, Trials, Truths’ delivers its messages from a myriad of directions and times. Personal expression, wider observations, narrative commentary and thoughtful reflections – each evoking timeless narratives to pull you into the stories. From the tongue-in-cheek left-field humour of ‘Wackos and Weirdos’ through a supremely gentle expression of love ‘In Your Eyes’ and the revealing sorrow of ‘Olive Branch’ to the soft rock essence of ‘Night In Santa Monica’ and the haunting evocative narrative of ‘Horseshoe’ these are songs that raise a shiver of involvement as they arrive, fascinate and remain. An album once heard, not likely to be forgotten."

Read Full Review Here:

"Her unamplified voice and the acoustic plucking of the harp filled the sanctuary with heavenly strains" 

Read Full Review Here:


"The music reminded me of the Renaissance, fairies and unicorns" 


Read Full Review Here:


Kristin’s performance really stood out.”

- Elizabeth Ayers Berry

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