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Harps Across America #27

As we were traveling from my show at Two Way Street Coffeehouse we saw this building with all these different statues around it. Each statue seemed to be celebrating the arts in some way like holding an instrument or writing on paper. It just screamed a Harps Across America post so we stopped to take picture. After walking around the building we found the perfect spot! A statue featuring a harp player!

After searching our location online I found out the name of the building was the T. Furth Center for the Performing Arts. I looked a bit into the history and from what I found the building use to be a church before it was renovated by Trine University to become a performing arts center and concert hall. The statues on the outside were specifically designed for the Center and represent different Greek figures connected to the arts, like the 3 muses, as well as notable artists like William Shakespeare and Mozart.

Part of what I love about the road trip side of touring is seeing and learning about places I never would have known about if I hadn't see them from the window of my van.

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