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Performing throughout the country, Kristin Rebecca wins over audiences with her dynamic approach to Folk fusion music. She forges a new sound in a traditional folk genre by combining her angelic, emotional voice with storytelling lyrics, guitar backings, and her unique harp playing style.  

Kristin’s musical journey can be traced back to a crush on a boy when she was in middle school. “He was four or five years older than me and played in the youth band at my church,” she says. “I always noticed the guitar player standing next to him. So, I decided to take up the guitar, but by the time I joined the band, he wasn’t in it anymore! But my love for music had ignited.”


Several years into her guitar lessons Kristin decided she wanted to take up another instrument. While visiting Minnesota when she was 15 and saw a display of lever harps. “Intrigued, I walked over, plucked one string and immediately said, ‘I want to play that!” Kristin says. “At the time I didn’t even know what a lever harp was, but I just liked the look and sound. After returning home I started working with a local harp teacher and fell in love with the diversity of styles where the instrument could be used.”  


Along with playing the guitar and harp, Kristin decided to pursue voice as well. She continued her study of music in college and graduated with a degree in Vocal Performance. In 2011 she released her debut EP, Fringe, which offered an initial taste of her modern folk sound. Kristin wrote and composed all six tracks for the album and recorded the CD with Grammy-winning recording engineer Scott Shuman. The release of Fringe signaled the beginning of Kristin's solo career as a modern folk artist, and she started to play shows around the D.C./Maryland/Virginia region. 


Several years later, Kristin travelled to Ireland and was inspired by the folklore of the country. She consequently recorded a fantasy-themed, Celtic- folk concept album comprised of traditional and original pieces. The album, Where Fairies Dwell, was recorded by Grammy nominee Heidi Gerber and was nominated for a 2015 WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Awards) for Best Traditional Folk Recording. Shortly after the album was released Kristin began touring nationally. 


In 2017 Kristin released her first full length modern folk album, Tales, Trials, Truths. The album consisted of all original songs and two covers ("Blame it on the Moon" and "Ready for the Storm"). She recorded the album at Tonal Park studios with Grammy-winning recording engineer Charlie Pilzer. Upon its release the album received glowing press reviews and was played on radio stations in the United States, Canada, and the UK. With the successful release of her album Kristin made appearances on live streams, radio shows, live sessions, podcasts, and TV. Kristin embarked on a national tour. She also made her debut Canadian appearance on the online music series Tiny Boat Concerts. 


In 2019 Kristin followed up her album by releasing Siren's Call, a digital promotional single. Much like her album, the single met with rave reviews. Critics complimented Kristin on her eloquent lyrical ability and unique harp accompaniment style. 


During COVID Kristin turned to creating during the shutdown. Kristin teamed up with Steve Steckler at Asparagus Media Studios to record her holiday single Christmas Memories, which was released in December 2020. The inspiration for the song came after Kristin was hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree. “Each ornament on my tree reminds me of a special Christmas moment in my life.”

In May of 2021 Kristin also released Where Fairies Dwell, re-mastered for digital platforms. 

She teamed up with Charlie Pilzer to record Realm of Enchantment, the sister EP to her album Where Fairies Dwell. Kristin says, “The fantasy genre is something I like to use to escape from the world, and I was drawn back to thinking about my album Where Fairies Dwell. I wanted to expand upon the world I had created in that album with additional fanciful stories.” Realm of Enchantment was released both physically and digitally in the fall of 2021.

Other high points of Kristin’s music career include opening for Kevin Burke and Compass Records artist Pierce Pettis, and performing at festivals such the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Artscape (with Painted Trillium) and the Smokey Mountain Songwriters Festival. She was also an official endorser for the Clayton guitar pick company.


Kristin also performs in a Maryland based Celtic band Painted Trillium. Painted Trillium plays regionally at various events and festivals including the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and the band was once featured on CNN. The trio recorded an original tune, written by band member Rob Meyer, as the opening track to the album Metal Renaissance by the heavy metal band A Sound of Thunder. In 2017 Painted Trillium released its self-titled debut album featuring Kristin Rebecca.


Kristin has also had the pleasure of working as a session musician on several projects over the years, including singles and ending credits music for an independent movie.


“I love how the stories I share through my music connect with people everywhere I go” Kristin says, “It’s something I hope to do for a long time."

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