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Harps Across America #9

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

This was my first visit to New Mexico but I hope it won’t be my last. While here I got to see Old Town Albuquerque with its unique shops and Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel. The Chapel is a site not to be missed. Its located in a quiet nook of Old Town. A small bubbling fountain sits just outside the chapel shaded by trees with benches nearby for visitors to rest. When I was there a hummingbird was taking a drink from the water flowing out of the top of the fountain. It added a very peaceful moment to the day.

My next stop was the Petroglyph National Monument. Walking through the trails and seeing the different petroglyphs made me think about all the people who had walked these lands before me.

The picture posted above this blog was taken on our way out of town. After taking the picture I found a small plaque slightly hidden by plants talking about the mural. The plaque explains that the mural sits on land that was an entry into the sawmill neighborhood of Albuquerque New Mexico. The neighborhood got its name from all the logging and wood businesses that used to be located in that part of town. The mural is representing the industry back then by showing horses pulling a cart filled with wood that would have been brought to the American Lumber Company.

As my adventure in New Mexico ends I’m looking forward to what awaits 😊

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