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Harps Across America #24

As I was going through my tour photos from last year I came across several photos taken for the purpose of posting on this blog but they had completely slipped my mind. So I was thinking better late then never and decided to post them for this month’s Harps Across America.

The first photo shows the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse located on well I’m guessing you probably could already tell by the name but on Mackinac Point. After I took this photo I actually took a tour of the lighthouse and the lighthouse keepers quarters. The outside the lighthouse is very charming and, while no longer in use, is fun to look around and has a decent view from the top if you choose to climb to the lantern room.

If you are into old lighthouses, like sea related items or are a seafaring adventurer and are in the the Michigan area this 1800s lighthouse is definitely worth a look.

Also located on Mackinac Point is the Mackinac bridge which can be seen in the second photo. But what really caught my attention was how blue the water looked under the bridge. It was a serene moment watching the gentle waves go back and forth along the shore. I’m hoping to go back again this year.

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