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Harps Across America #19

Let me start by saying California is beautiful! The weather was lovely, my concert was incredible and I got to see some amazing places.

While in CA I visited the Redwood National Forest, the Winchester Mansion and of-course I had to see the Golden Gate Bridge. There are a lot of different places where a person can go to get a good look at the bridge but my dad and I decided to get an up-close and personal look from Fort Point.

Fort Point had been used as a World War II fort. When they were going to build the Golden Gate Bridge the fort was no longer in use so there was talk of destroying the Fort. But Joseph Strauss, the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge, said this "While the old fort has no military value now, it remains nevertheless a fine example of the mason's art.... It should be preserved and restored as a national monument."

So instead of the knocking the fort down they figured out a way to build the bridge around it. Seeing the bridge from the fort is like a two for one deal. The top of the fort really gives a great view of the bridge and Fort point is interesting too. There really isn’t a guided tour of the fort but there are enough signs posted around that it gives you an interesting look at the history that went on there. Getting into the fort is completely free so that is also a bonus.

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