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Harps Across America #18

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

April was the first time I got the opportunity to perform in California! So my dad and I piled all our stuff into the tour van and started to drive across the country. Our route took us through Utah by way of Salt Lake City. We didn’t stop in the city itself but did get to stop at Great Salt Lake State Park which is what you see in the first photo. There wasn’t much time to look around but the area was beautiful. It also looked like a popular place for boating.

A little further on we came across the Bonneville Salt Flats. The salt flats really live up to their name. I’ve near driven on a road so straight in all my life with completely flat ground all around. The water is so still you can see the reflection of the sky in it. Only the mountains in the distance, the Tree of Utah sculpture and a few smaller sculptures like a shark, sea serpent and small cross break up the flatness of the landscape.

You aren’t legally allowed to stop on the flats themselves but we did find a rest area where we parked the car and got out to explore a little. Thinking this might be my only time to see the flats so I waded into the water. I was surprised by how warm the water was and how hard the grains were beneath my feet. The water was also very clear and I could see every detail of the bottom of the lake.

Just before we left we saw a wedding being set up a little off shore and the bride getting ready for her big day! Wishing you and your spouse all the best!

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