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Harps Across America #13

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

So it looks like I have a little back tracking to do with this post. My goal with this section of the blog was to post my Harps Across America pictures in chronological order but it looks like I over looked one. The photo above was taken between my trip to North Dakota and Minnesota.

I went Oregon after ND to perform at Artichoke Music and shoot two videos with Rye Music Sessions (pictured below). Heading out of Oregon we stopped at Bonneville Lock and Dam which sits on the Columbia River. There was serious security around the dam when you try to enter. A guard comes out to talk to you and then searches your car including the trunk. It made us a bit nervous trying to get this picture since the harp case is a large bag and we didn’t want anyone thinking we had a weapon of some kind. So we quickly unpacked the harp near the car and ran over to the turbine to get the picture you see above. Thankfully, everything went off without a problem. We didn’t get to spend long there but I did learn a little about the turbine and the dam.

Here’s what I learned:

The Bonneville Lock and Dam was the first federal lock and dam on the Columbia and Snake rivers. Originally it was built to improve navigation on Columbia River and provide hydropower to the Pacific Northwest. It’s still in use to this day and helps provide flood management, water quality improvement & irrigation along the Columbia River.

The Turbine I’m standing next too helped power the dam for nearly 60 years. Powering the dam meant it helped give power to many different areas including factories and homes.

If you’re into history I think you’ll find this place kind of interesting.

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