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Harps Across America #11

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

I was Oregon bound after my trip to Nashville. While flying gets you to your destination faster and can be more convenient there is something road trips offer that is special in their own way.

One example is a road trip offers is seeing oddities placed along the road you would never see from the sky. The photo below shows one such oddity I’ve encountered while traveling. The sculpture in the photo is called “Geese in Flight” and is part of a series of sculptures placed along the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota. The artist, Gary Greff, creates them to bring tourists to the area. If you’re passing through these statues are something not to miss nor could you if you tried. “Geese in Flight” stands 110ft tall and 154ft wide. I tried to get a photo of it up close but there was a fence around the sculpture blocking off the road leading up to it. I found out later there is a legal dispute going on with the land the statue is sitting on.

Another magical part of road trips is the scenery. Each new place I visit has it’s own beauty and unique landscapes. The photo at the top gives a glimpse of one the landscapes that has taken my breath away. The Badlands are a stunning site with the different colors of the rocks swirling together with the green colored grasses. When the sun peaked out from behind the clouds the colors seemed to shine. I was sad to leave but I will always carry the memory with me.

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