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Happy 2022!

Happy New Year!!! I’m hoping 2022 brings you lots of happiness, wonder and joy!

The holidays were a restful time for me and my family and I’m hoping for more active year in 2022 than in 2021.

There are some festivals booked for this year and a couple other musical projects underway. Depending on what happens with the world and restrictions I’m hoping these and more will go forward. Keep a look out on my website for announcements and show dates.

My live shows are changing up a bit. While I usually play as a soloist I decided to switch it up this year and also perform as a duo in some of my live shows. I can’t wait for you to hear my songs in duo form 😊

In non-music news I’m scheduled to have shoulder surgery in March which will hopefully clear up the chronic pain I’ve had in my arm, shoulder and neck for over a decade. This may also clear up the headaches I’ve been prone to as well. While I’m nervous to have any surgery done it will be great to finally have this fixed after so many years.

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