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Kristin is a captivating performer who combines her powerful, angelic voice, unique guitar rhythms and rare harp ability into a show unlike any other. No two of her songs sound alike; they cover life and all its emotions, from flirtation on the dance floor to standing up for what you believe to striving for dreams. Kristin doesn’t use the harp as a gimmick; she showcases the versatility of the instrument. She is an award-winning musician and actively touring artist.

Kristin Rebecca is also available to perform Celtic and other traditional folk tunes on harp for events. She has performed ambience music for organizations and events such as: The US Institute of Peace, The General Federation of Women’s Clubs, The Daughters of the American Revolution, Weddings, Teas and Artist’s open houses. Some samples of this music can be heard on the Audio page under Where Fairies Dwell and the at-home recordings. Kristin gives lessons on the lever harp and guitar. She has given lectures about the harp and would be happy to give more as well as teach workshops on harp and songwriting.

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Kristin Rebecca's Wammie nominated solo harp project, "Where Fairies Dwell," is available online now!

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