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Realm of Enchantment was created during my time in quarantine. I've always found fantasy as a fun escape from life and as 2020 wore on I found myself gravitating towards writing original fairytale themed songs and fantasy themed compositions. As I was working on these pieces I thought back to my Where Fairies Dwell album and how I wanted to bring the world of the fairies to life through its creation. I realized the new pieces I was working on were an extension of the world I had created years ago. This six track, sister EP to Where Fairies Dwell brings you deeper into the world of the fairies with new tales as well as introducing new creatures and magical wonders. When you listen I hope you escape from our world and enter the Realm of Enchantment.

Fairy CD cover - CD Baby - 2021 digital

This album was inspired by the folklore of Ireland. Each piece was picked or written to bring magic to the ears and the realm of fairies to life. When you listen to this album I hope you are taken to a place where fairies dwell

Christmas Memories artwork.jpg

When I hang ornaments on the tree each piece would bring back a memories from different Christmases over the years. Falling snow, laughter with friends and family, cookies baking in the oven and a sense of  peace during the season. These images would go through my mind like a scrapbook. This song came out of those memories and when you hear it I hope you will have the joy of re-living your own holiday memories as you make new ones. 

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